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We believe in the power of places to inspire, entertain and inform

Grand canyon

Our mission

We all long to connect to something bigger than ourselves. Parks give us that. Natural spaces broaden our horizons and remind us of our place in the universe. Historic spaces bond us to our shared heritage and deepen our understanding of where we’ve come from.

At Parks Channel, our mission is to become a destination platform for “America’s Best Idea” – at home, on the journey and for making memories. We want to make it easier to discover amazing places and then actually go there. We want to tell stories that entertain and inform. We want to build a community of content creators who inspire others through their journeys.

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Grand canyon

One more, very important thing

The Parks Channel is deeply committed to the mission of protecting and enhancing the park experience.

Our content will cover critical issues facing our parks, including efforts to reach younger and more diverse demographics, mitigate the challenges of climate change and address the problem of overcrowding, as well as campaigns to protect more of our natural and historic spaces.

The Parks Channel will set aside a portion of profits to support science, conservation and heritage projects, working with non-profit groups to help achieve their goals.

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Who we are

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    Chris Hoelzl


    I grew up in the mountains of Colorado so of course I spent as much time as I could hiking, skiing, bike riding and climbing in the mountains. Adrenaline sports were my thing. Mountains and TV reception don’t mix, it was only later that I learned the power of visual storytelling and I’ve been hooked ever since. Of the two of us, I’m clearly the better cook, the proof they say is in the pudding. 

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    Charles Poe


    Half-Oregonian, half-Minnesotan, father of three boys and husband to a woman who inspires me. A seeker with endless curiosity, always longing for new experiences. A content creator who’s always experimenting, especially with new technologies and new ways of telling stories. Not a bad cook.

Board of Advisors

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    Linda Mohammad

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    Tom Hayden

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    Peter North

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    Dorothy Canter

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    David Royle

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    Gay Browne

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    Saúl Lopez

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    Betty Hudson

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    S. Rex Carnegie

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    Helen Hernandez

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    Michael Ward

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