Video Guidelines

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We’re excited to have you join our Parks Channel creator community!

Our goal is to create the most entertaining and informative video destination for parks content – and we can only do it with your help! The best videos will earn the chance to win Parks Channel swag, and when you decide to become a regular contributor, more opportunities will follow. We believe in rewarding great content!

Be entertaining and helpful

Offer stories, tips and insights, and find ways to inspire other travelers to follow in your footsteps.

Be concise

One to 15 minutes should be enough, but if you’ve created something amazing, we’re happy to host longer pieces.

Make it pretty

Shoot and edit something beautiful and exciting. You’ve got a whole movie studio in your smartphone!

Avoid copyrighted material

Avoid copyrighted material or anything that might have to be cleared separately. All submissions will require a release indicating that you are solely responsible for the content.

Follow individual park guidelines

Videos that depict irresponsible behavior will not be permitted.

Leave no trace

  • Depictions of trashing our treasures are a no-go.

  • Leave what you find. No touching or taking cultural, historical or natural artifacts.

  • Respect wildlife. If you want to get gored by a bison – post that on TikTok.

  • Be considerate of others.

Send high quality material

Send us the full-resolution video file, with no compression. We want the highest quality we can get, and will compress on our side as needed.

It’s so easy to contribute. Now create your user profile and get started!